The Moé is Love, The Moé is Fight!

As Japan’s military expands, so too does the anime market
by Punch Rockgroin


Of course you can’t take this seriously, when did anyone think the Italians were a threat?

Japan’s armed forces have been a question lately. With China quickly building up their naval presence, there is reason to worry. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agrees that a strengthening China is a bad thing, and wants to build up Japan’s forces accordingly. But not everyone agrees, no sir. Others think this increase in military strength is just Abe wanting to return to the old (read: before WW2 was ended in nuclear fire for Japan) ways and take the country back to war. But… thinking so much about such a serious matter is so stressing. The average otaku doesn’t want to think about the consequences of provoking an army that’s tens of millions strong. They’d rather think about cute girls in tanks, or guns as cute girls, or what airsoft would be like if they and their friends were all attractive teenage girls. Considering the industry is made of people like this as well, the world of military moé really wasn’t that much of a stretch.

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Paradise Lost

by Bob Johnson

At least Eden of the East *started* with a cool premise

saki-ramen [Eden of the East]

Saki is next to useless, but looks great in ramen.

This show is not about the sad redhead.  It’s actually about this guy who goes by Akira Takizawa and the deadly game he doesn’t remember being forced to play: 12 folks called Seleção are each given $100 million, a cool cell phone, and a mandate to save Japan.  The penalty for failure or giving up is death; one of the Seleção, The Supporter, has the additional task of killing the others when they break the rules.

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New Age Retro Anime

by Punch Rockgroin
Enma-kun gets a new coat of paint

Some of you who read this fine magazine are probably familiar with Go Nagai. Mazinger Z and Cutie Honey are a couple of his better known works. I am willing to bet some arbitrary amount of Internet cred that you have not heard of Dororon Enma-kun. But Go Nagai has rewritten the series and created Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera, and lo and behold it’s been picked up by NIS America. I could not think of a more bizarre series that any company in North America could have picked up.

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera (referred to as Enma-kun from here on) follows Harumi, a grade school girl, and her adventures tagging along with the Youkai Patrol. (That is “demon patrol” to the baka gaijin reading this.) The Patrol consists of Enma, the hot-headed and dull nephew of the Great King Enma; Princess Yukiko, the fan service who is literally the ice to Enma’s fire; Kappaeru, a kappa (a sort of water demon/sprite) information broker that’s generally useless; and Grandpa Chapeau, a sentient hat who knows a lot about the demons encountered in the show. Together they send rowdy demons back to hell and such. Oh, and Enma-kun’s sister Enbi-chan has some connection to the happenings in the series.

Lethal [Chest] Weapons

I hope these lethal weapons aren’t called Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

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Dead Tired

by Punch Rockgroin


Just in case you thought this zombie series was about zombies

Zombies + Fan Service + ??? = Profit!

Apparently otaku everywhere have just been jizzing themselves in the pants over High School of the Dead and its follow-up OVA.  Not that I have any real excuse for watching this, because I already knew that it was just an excuse for fanservice when I finally got around to watching this otaku porn.  Yes, I know some of you will be butthurt that I called it that, but frankly that’s part of what makes writing fun for me.  Whether you like it or not, this anime, with its decent enough premise, was overshadowed by its fanservice and simply became nothing more than otaku porn.

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You had to be there

by Bob Johnson

Sayonara, Zetsubo-Sensei is hilarious … so I’m told

The Taisho era (1912-1925) has become something of a nostalgic period in the Japanese memory; I guess the appeal is an old-guard Japan that wasn’t all evil and stuff. There’s a bit of truth to this: The era was characterized by the poor health of the Taisho emperor, Continue reading