Tips for Anime Detour

by Sanevia Boobsalot

The weekend of the 1st of April was the amazing even of Anime Detour in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was my first convention and I have to say it was a most intriguing experience. Here are some tips for new comer going to Detour for the first time these are some things I wished I knew about before going. First off, beware the furries! I had never seen a furry in my life and realized why they can be creepy that weekend. They follow you and congregate with other furries. One may feel hunted by wolves or a large light up cat. Second, try not to get offended about what people may say about your character you are cosplaying or how your cosplay is. I have to say I ran into a lot of insulting things being said about my cosplaying as Yoko from Gurren Lagann. In fact, every time I would walk into a panel the attention would almost immediately be drawn to the subject of Yoko being only for fan service. My suggestion is to just ignore them, most of them are just being irrational and over zealously feministic. Another tip, if you don’t like hugs, don’t dress up as a character that looks very hug able or you can just turn people down that want hugs. I lost count of how many hugs I received while dressed as Yoko, but while I was dressed as Revy from Black Lagoon I didn’t receive a single hug outside of my friends giving me hugs. Remember they are suppose to ask you for hugs before doing so, so it is up to you on whether you want them or not. My last tip is to eat often and drink lots of water. They have a lot of areas around the convention for you to eat at so you always have choices. There are a lot of people going to these sort of events so you’ll be in an area with a lot of people so drinking lots of water is a must. All in all it is a great event that people who like anime can have fun at and meet other people that share your interests.