Dead Tired

by Punch Rockgroin


Just in case you thought this zombie series was about zombies

Zombies + Fan Service + ??? = Profit!

Apparently otaku everywhere have just been jizzing themselves in the pants over High School of the Dead and its follow-up OVA.  Not that I have any real excuse for watching this, because I already knew that it was just an excuse for fanservice when I finally got around to watching this otaku porn.  Yes, I know some of you will be butthurt that I called it that, but frankly that’s part of what makes writing fun for me.  Whether you like it or not, this anime, with its decent enough premise, was overshadowed by its fanservice and simply became nothing more than otaku porn.

I’m not really a fan of zombie movies per se, but I have watched my fair share of them (that’s why I know where this anime ripped off I mean paid homage to several of them, including most of its soundtrack).  So believe it or not, seeing how Japan might do a zombie apocalypse was kind of vaguely interesting to me.   I got pretty much what I expected as far as the requisite sword and over the top gun action scenes.  Actually for me the sad part is that this series actually did have a fairly good zombie apocalypse story that might have been taken more seriously if not for all the fanservice.  And just to rub it in, they made sure to constantly shove it in the audience’s face, mixed with comedy hijinx just to make sure no one takes this even remotely seriously.

And just so all the gun otakus didn’t feel left out, they were also sure to include on of their own, along with plenty of highly detailed guns for him to play with while he creamed his shorts over them.  Actually the combination of these two types of fan service were probably the funniest part of the show for me, and the only real enjoyment I got out of watching it.  But, as you might guess from the ever increasing breast size of the female characters, the guns actually end up getting ignored for the OVA.  So what if there were unresolved plot points and characters we never learned the fate of?  Fuck them!  Bring on the tits!  At least I’m sure that’s what the people who made this show and what some of you were no doubt thinking.

You know what?  If all you want is fanservice and the typical unfunny anime humour that the market is currently flooded with, this is totally your kind of show.  There are boobs, guns and anime martial arts, but mostly boobs.  If you like zombie movies, you might get something out of this, too, but it’s mostly for the pervs who only care about fanservice.  But next to something like The Walking Dead, another series which draws a lot from other sources, High School of the Dead just doesn’t measure up.

Maybe look it up:

High School of the Dead
based on the manga by Daisuke and Shoji Sato
Produced by Madhouse, Licenced by Sentai Filmworks