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OTAKON 2017 Panel Overview

by Gristle McThornbody

This was MW’s first foray into the anime conventions in the Eastern Time Zone, and indeed the East Coast/Mid-Atlantic. Otakon 2017 allowed us to see new faces, familiar Touhou faces, and see how the east-coast otaku stack up to the rest the country. Much like otaku are connected with each other through a common interest, it is quite a similar parallel to the worldly connections that international trade allows for in our modern time.

We live in a time of great innovation and trade. Globalism allows far-flung countries to trade commodities and even services in manners we couldn’t think of even 10 years ago. Our world is connected like it has never been, allowing us access to an untold number of products. Otakon 2017 would become another channel for an overseas group to sell their wares to foreigners.

Enter the fine folks from, a website that lets users publish independent H-Games. With the same straight-ahead delivery as a Toyota investors meeting, we were sold on the latest and greatest in hentai trends.

Please note that the links in this article are NSFW/18+

Unless those Toyota Execs were also Dr. Seuss characters.

Many upcoming trends were discussed, including the emergence of new methods and sub-genres. Everything from chicks-with-dicks to the ever popular schoolgirl-is-your kohai-and-wants-to-be-noticed (by your dick) was put fourth as more popular items offered on What was more surprising, is the format. These days, one can get their rocks off in any number of resolutions from 8 bit all the way to immersive VR.
With modern technology, you, yes you, can pretend to have sex with the 2D girl of your dreams-the future is indeed now. Using a VR headset and a phone’s gyroscope, you can touch, see and even feel into a new world of lurid experiences. Yes, the same technology used in new, state-of-the-art aircraft to get you there can now get you there.

Three-sexty no scope.

New technology leads to new innovations-and new challenges. How does one fully experience such an ordeal? How does one fully invest, or dare we say it, put themselves fully into such immersive software?  Given we need to feel just as much as we need to see, there now includes a hole number of peripherals, most notably a plastic torso (with stubs for legs and arms), that one can….um…..manipulate to further “enhance” the experience. Connected via wireless Bluetooth, ~Torso-chan’s rotation DICKtates the rotation one sees on the VR headset. MIND. BLOWN. Very cool. Very, very cool.

What is the world coming to?

No genre is safe, nor is any IP sheltered from the sticky onslaught of the use and abuse of some of man’s greatest technological achievements. What can be said, however, is ever-expanding offerings that are being made every day not just on, but on all sites that cater to such proclivities. If you are a fan of it, there’s most likely some readily-available H-game dōjinshi ready for to be burned into the vaunted halls of your brain and etched into the mind’s deepest engrams.

Gensokyo doesn’t have bus service, but it has an A380-capable airport, evidently., as mentioned, is a budding aggregator of independent developers of hentai, ecchi and other electronic erotic baubles.  Click on the 18+ links if you dare, but with enticing titles such as Cumshot Into Nito-chan (a steal at only $4 USD/ 432JPY), one can easily have a dalliance with their favorite waifu and their preferred hand on a budget.  The value-priced (for $6.41 USD/491 JPY),Chorusturbation ~Masturbation along with Singing~ , whose description includes “for the best experience, please prepare lotion and a faphole beforehand”, ensures that the most broke otaku can be coming time and again. Moreover, one can buy bargain-basement VR titles, such as CYBER CRIMINAL MINDS, at the clearance price of $6.01 USD or 648 JPY. What looks light on plot is seemingly heavy on cyber tentacles, but hell, you know you aren’t buying porn for the “plot”. Or the quality.

All of this is porn. All of it.

DLsite, through its ImagineVR group, even has its own (creepy looking) mascot. Under the premise of an open-source waifu, one can take one of three sisters and use them for their own, eh, purposes and “needs”. This, coupled with their ability to bridge the gap between US producers and Japanese consumers of ecchi/hentai makes DLsite a potentially profitable goldmine if one has the right content. For the more carnal reasons, for both the prospects of profit, and indeed, for the expectation of achieving the optimal hentai/ecchi market penetration, never before has bustin’ made me feel so good.

I like my girls looking like wax about to melt


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