A School Boy’s Life for Me

by Punch Rockgroin

Anime clichés get smacked by reality in Daily Lives of High School Boys

High school girls in Japan live the life. Before them stretches a vast array of possibilities: They could be magical girls saving the world from evil, having other-worldly adventures surrounded by the most beautiful men in the universe, or even just starting a band and having a great time with their friends. With so many fun and exciting activities to choose from, it’s no wonder the anime industry has made it their duty to show the many teenage girls of Japan what they can do while in high school. Despite the myriad of options available to the Japanese high school girl, high school boys in Japan are only good at fighting or sports, and are thus much more limited in what they can accomplish during the golden years of their life.

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Dirty Good Fun

by Bolt Vanderhuge

This Lovely Pair Really Delivers

You know how “classic” doesn’t always equal “good”? As it turns out, Dirty Pair actually manages to be both. Just in case you’ve never heard of this classic ’80s anime, Dirty Pair follows Kei and Yuri, two “trouble consultants” who work for the World Welfare Works Association, or 3WA for short. Their official team name is Lovely Angels, but as the title informs us, they’re better known by another name, much to their annoyance. This is essentially a buddy cop show, except this one is set in the 22nd century, with humanity having colonized much of the galaxy.

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