Funicrunch: Sign of the weebocalypse?

Good news for streaming subscribers, bad news in the long run. Funimation and Crunchyroll have announced a major partnership.

The long and short of it: Crunchyroll will rely on Funi to deal with the market for data donuts, and a certain list of shows will cross-stream on both sites, even as Funimation continues to stand by Amazon Video and the increasingly insufferable hulu.

The plus side is that the industry players finally recognize that asking otaku to come up with n times $8.95 a month has gone on well past the saturation point. So now the two biggest genre streaming services are offering something extra to fight against the unyielding behemoth of Netflix, which by itself is still a half-decent place to watch anime.

But of course, this is yet another deal that makes Funimation bigger, when it’s already too systemically important to anime licencing in North America. With just one company in the driver’s seat, it’ll only take one deal going down like a twitch pledge to give us a meltdown 100 times worse than the fall of A.D. Vision.