Very Educational

by Bolt Vanderhuge

Allow me to introduce Madam President (Tiffany Grant, my queen)

Golden Boy is a Face-Full of Fun!

Golden Boy is the perfect anime for perverts, just like you.  It’s positively filled to the brim with crude sexual humour that will make other sex comedies look charming by comparison.  After all, this sex humour isn’t afraid to dive right into the toilet, quite literally.Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing on this anime: I absolutely love it and it’s on my favourites list.  Why?  Because I’m a pervert, too.  I may not have the toilet fetish that main character   Kintaro Oe has, but I certainly share his fascination with the female form.  This OVA just makes it fun by mocking the fan service at the same time it thrusts it into your face, in all its bouncing glory.  But at least the fan service is all of age, unlike a certain other anime that was reviewed in the last issue.  Well, except that one stereotypical manipulative school girl, but let’s just pretend that she’s not jailbait, because. No, I can’t hear you… LA! LA! LA! LA!

So the whole point of this OVA is to follow Kintaro around on his adventures as a “student of the world”, going around getting some random job each episode despite the fact he would have a law degree if only he applied to graduate.  You know, basically the same dream every college otaku has while they daydream during their boring classes.  His goal is to learn as much from life as possible, which is why he does this.  He’ll also scribble down any random bits of knowledge he finds “very educational” in a little notebook he has, often right next to sketches he makes of the various good-looking women he encounters.  His mantra is to, “STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY!”  He’s also pretty much just a clumsy, socially awkward, mostly inept, perverted idiot who tends to massively screw something up during the job he happens to have during a given episode, only to be revealed to have somehow done something really good during his time there, or as in the first episode, completely make-up for it by basically doing something impossible.  You wouldn’t guess that he’s actually quite intelligent and capable from how he looks or how he acts, but at the same time, I personally didn’t really care because I was too busy laughing my ass off.

I’ve seen other reviews that tend to give this OVA a hard time due to its heavy use of clichés and the crude nature of its humour, but to me the humour is just hilarious, and the clichés are a big part of that.  If anything, this OVA makes fun of the kind of fan service and awkward romantic buffoonery one might see in other anime that’s actually playing everything completely straight and completely seriously, then just cranks it all up to eleven.  Kintaro naturally calls out all these stereotypes for comedic effect, so I can’t really understand complaints about clichés and stereotypes because that’s pretty much the point of the show.

So if you don’t like this show, you are a bad person.

 Fuck yeah, look it up!
Golden Boy original video animation
Based on the manga series by Tatsuya Egawa
Produced by Production I.G., Licenced by Media Blasters


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