Unlimited Date-a Plan

In Another World with my SmartphoneSuppose – just suppose! That THE LORD himself killed you and kinda felt bad about the whole thing. By way of apology, Providence sends you to a fantasy world with magic, and makes you a superpowered hero who is completely sexually irresistible.

All of this seems to have happened to Touya Mochizuki, who, after a certain incident with what I assume was a mechanical rice picker, is thrust into a world where just having a cell phone makes you the bestest husbando. Where in the normal world he might only have been able to aspire to be the straight man in a slice-of-life anime, in this fabricated reality Touya has a preternatural ability to save damsels in distress and win their undying love in the process.

Despite the show being exactly everything wrong with anime, the very concept of IAWWMS provides itself with cover in a way that the “excuses” other harem shows use just can’t. Every single time something bizarre and unrealistic happens (which invariably results in manifest cheesecake), all you have to say is, “So, God really wanted to apologize to this guy…”

Trash? Yes. But some garbage cans have tastier morsels than others. Especially if April reminds you of other lies anime likes to tell, In Another World With My Smartphone is refreshingly honest by comparison; it’s just a shameless pure fantasy. For the older, lonely otaku in the world, why not indulge a little bit on occasion? A world where you don’t even have to choose between your waifus. Because they are ALL best waifu <3.

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In Another World with my Smartphone
Based on the light novels by Patora Fuyuhara
Produced by Production Reed, Licenced by Crunchyroll