Tsun in short supply as Japan braces for 2020

KYOTO (MxW) – Following weeks of speculation in the industry press, government statisticians have formally acknowledged that Japan’s Strategic Tsun Reserve has dwindled in recent months, well below seasonal averages. Now, officials are sending muted words of caution indicating that the Tsun supply may not last until the Tokyo Olympics, threatening to place a damper on Anime output at a critical time.

PM Abe at podium

PM Abe did not respond to questions related to stability in the Tsun markets.

Initial estimates of the need for additional Tsun are off by possibly two orders of magnitude. The earliest bookings data for Japanese hotels in Summer 2020 indicates a heavy load of otaku, fujoshi, and full-on weeaboos, and licence applications for pop-up shops catering to the sweet-and-sour demands of discerning clientele are through the roof.

While some have dismissed the rush as merely the most motivated travelers and unscrupulous of businesses, the Government has taken firm steps to address the issue.

“While it is important to note that there is not yet a crisis in Tsun supply, The Olympics pose a unique challenge. The Government of Japan will guarantee that any limitations on the delivery of Tsun will be made in accordance with national priorities.”

Industry reaction was swift, but largely cooperative. “We are aware of the situation and are announcing precautionary measures. Anime will increase slice-of-life output over the next three seasons, and our member studios will monitor the situation for improvement. If necessary we will postpone the introduction of new characters until normal amounts of Tsun is available.”

International reaction took the news with a small amount of alarm. Overseas fans have begun taking up local collections of Tsun, though the small pools are often earmarked for preferred sequels and adaptations. America has pledged to divert 40 thousand metric tons of Shade, a form of crude Tsun, to partially bridge the gap. Japanese refineries will work at full capacity to break the Shade into a Dere-compatible form.

If the supplementary measures fail, rationing will be enforced, with heavy emphasis on the demands of tourists. The entire Tsun supply chain will be pooled and divided among hostess clubs and maid cafés – though Manga and Light Novel writers will immediately follow these in priority, to minimize the effect the shortage may have on future storytelling. If necessary, Tsun will be delivered to Anime Studios in order of seniority, and only if any remains will it be made available to Game Studios.